Organic Cleaners
The Ten "Whys" of Organic Cleaning
1. Environmentally Safe
2. Non - Toxic
3. Anti - Bacterial
4. Free of Foul Order
5. Fresh, Clean Scent
6. Soft to the touch
7. Kind to Sensitive Skin
8. Safe for your clothing
9. Perfect for removing stains
10. Save energy for Our Planet.

What is Organic Dry Cleaning?

Organic Dry Cleaning means that is uses only environmentally friendly and healthy dry cleaning
solvent as opposed to the other traditional dry cleaning solvents. Our solvent has been used in
cosmetics and as food additive for many decades safely and absolutely safe to our health and

It is also safe for all sequins, beads, pearls, and plastics. Gentler to all fabrics so that garments last
longer. It is safer for you, your clothes ans the environment.

Dry cleaning involves washing clothes in liquids other than water. As it's done at
90 percent of
cleaners in the U.S.
, it uses  a liquid form of perchloroethylene (PERC), a chemical believed to
cause cancer. As it evaporates, PERC can contaminate nearby air and groundwater, and reportedly
can be absorbed through the skin from soil or from dry cleaned clothes.

Organic dry cleaning is a growing trend that helps people do their parts to reduce toxins that
pollute the air. Organic dry cleaning is environmentally sound, as it uses liquid carbon dioxide,
which can be recycled, or silicon-based solvents. No offensive odor lingers in clothing cleaned
with organic solvents.
We are concerned about
the environment. That is
why we:

* Recycle and reuse all

* Offer minimal
packaging options

* Use recycle papers for
your clothes bagging
"Eco Friendly"

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