Cleaners AYD make house calls…
with convenient, direct-to-your-door service.

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Too busy to bring your clothing to us for cleaning?
Let Cleaners AYD quality & service come to you with our
home pickup and delivery service!

The premier dry cleaner and fabric care specialist can save
you time by coming to you! Just imagine… no sitting in traffic or
waiting in line. No more getting ready to go out and wishing
you'd remembered to have that special something cleaned.
You'll have all your garments professionally cleaned and ready
to wear!

Just call us today, and we'll get you started. Your CAYD
personal valet is in your neighborhood twice a week, and will
supply you with your own sturdy, reusable CAYD Express bag.
We can pick-up & deliver items even when you're not at home,
and you're under no obligation to have cleaning for us every
time we stop by. Services are automatically billed to your credit

We take pride in helping you look your best, we deliver when
we promise, and we guarantee your satisfaction. And YOU PAY
NO MORE than you would at our retail stores.

Call (908) 234-0727 and try us for 30 days. We promise to
spoil you!

How our Home Delivery Service works...

CAYD Express Bag
When you sign up for CAYD Home Delivery Service, you'll
receive one of our sturdy Express bags for your dirty garments.
And your personal valet will leave one for you each time your
clothes are picked up.

Choose Your Delivery Location
You tell us where to pick up and deliver your clothes, whether
it's at your front, side or back door, in the garage or with the

Personalized Garment Care
When you sign up, your CAYD personal valet will ask you for
your specific instructions for general care. This information is
kept in our database and checked every time we process an
order for you, so we'll always know exactly how you want your
garments cleaned. And you can always provide “special care”
instructions with any pickup.

Convenient Schedules
Your CAYD personal valet will come to your home twice a
week. If you have garments to be cleaned, they'll pick up your
Express bag and return your clothes to you professionally
cleaned and ready to wear according to your delivery schedule.
If you have a special need, you can call your personal valet to
make special arrangements.

No-Hassle Payments
There is no wait to pay and no fee for delivery. We automatically
charge your VISA, MasterCard for your cleaning.

Make your life a little easier with our

  • No driving
  • No lines
  • No hassles

Regular Service: Minimum Order $50 per month
If you dry clean once a month or more often, Regular
Service is perfect for you. We will stop by on your regular
service days, and you don't have to schedule a pick-up.
Because your driver is in your neighborhood twice a week
anyway. (Tuesday and Friday)

On-Call Service: Minimum Order $25

If you dry clean less than once a month, On-Call Service is
perfect for you. Just contact us when you have dry
cleaning to be picked up. We'll pick-up and drop off your
garments at any time.

To sign-up for pick up & Delivery please contact us at
(908)234-0727 or Click here to sign up now!  

Areas we cover are: Bedminster, Basking Ridge, Far Hills,
Gladstone, Bernardsville, Lyons, Oldwick, Peapack ... And

All dry cleaners are not created equal!
CAYD has earned the trust of generations of area families
because we set a higher standard in fabric care. Every
garment receives our exclusive 14-point inspection process.
We routinely find items that require minor repairs, and we
repair them AT NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Our professionals refuse to cut corners, and they're
supported by state-of-the-art equipment using the safest,
cleanest, highest quality cleaning agents available. You'll
see and feel the difference in garments professionally
cleaned by CAYD.

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"Eco Friendly"
Joy Tailor
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does CAYD Cleaners charge a fee for Home Delivery
A. NO. Delivery is free. You pay only the price of cleaning,
with no additional fees.

Where do you pick up and drop off my clothes?
A. You choose the location at your home where you'd like
your CAYD personal valet to pick up and drop off your

What type of bag should I put my clothes in for pick-up?
A. We'll provide you with a sturdy CAYD Express Bag at no
charge. When your Home Delivery Service personal valet
picks up your order, you'll always receive another Express
Bag for your next order.

Do I have to be at home when the drop-off or pick-up is
A. No. There is no need to be home to use the service. Your
CAYD personal valet will service the location you have

How will I know my scheduled drop-off and pick-up
A. Your schedule will be arranged with your CAYD personal
valet when your account is set up.

How do I pay for the service?
A. Your cleaning will be charged directly to your credit card.

How can I contact my CAYD personal valet?
A. When you sign up for Home Delivery Service, you'll
receive your personal valet's cell phone number. You'll
always have a direct line to answer your questions or make
special arrangements.

How do I tell CAYD Home Delivery Service about a
special request for garment care?
A. Simply write down your special instructions and insert
your note into the plastic pouch on your Express bag.
Please identify the specific garment -- by color, fabric type
and label if possible -- along with your specific cleaning
instructions. If you have any questions, simply call your
CAYD personal valet or contact our Customer Care Center
at (908) 234-0727

How do I change my personal information and/or
A. Simply call your CAYD personal valet.

What if I have a problem with my order after I get my
clothes back?
A. You can call your personal valet's direct line to
immediately resolve the problem, or contact our Customer
Care Center
at (908) 234-0727

How do I sign up?
A. Signing up is easy. Simply call (908) 234-0727 to see
what days we service your area and tell our customer care
representative that you want CAYD Home Delivery Service!
Or log on to or
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up now!
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