Town Cleaners Offer A Full Range of Professional Fabric Care Services...

Home Pick-Up and Delivery!
Let CAYD quality & service come to you with our home pickup and delivery service!
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Perfect Shirt
Once you’ve worn one, you won’t settle for less. There isn’t a finer laundered and finished shirt – anywhere!

Suede and Leather Cleaning
We use “Suede Life” to keep items soft, supple and beautiful.

Drapery Services (On site Cleaning)
CAYD’s exclusive “Adjust-A-Drape” method guarantees even folds and assured length. Your drapes are taken
down and re-hung in your home by professional drapery technicians.

Fur Cleaning and Storage
We use furrier method cleaning and glazing, and maintain our own cold storage vaults on premises.
Furs services include cleaning, glazing and all types of repairs.

Heirlooming of Wedding and Christening Gowns
Only our most experienced people touch these precious heirlooms, and we return them to you protected and
preserved in “Keep Sake” boxes.

Tailoring & Reweaving "Joy Tailor" (20 Years of experience)
Our professional tailors provide prompt repairs and alterations, as well as reweaving of tears, burns, or holes.

Household Items
Let us clean and refresh your bed and table linens, comforters, duvets and blankets.

Garment Storage
Are your closets bulging? Regain that valuable space! We’ll store any item we clean or launder for you.

Carpet & Rug / Shoe Repair
All of our leather and suede cleaning is done within one week.
We repair handbag and clean too. Shoe service... Heels, tips, new soles or just a shoe shine. Ready in two days.

Expert Shirt Laundry (All shirts are hand finished)

Two elements of our shirt process help us to produce
superior results. First our soap is enzyme based
which means it makes your whites whiter, and colors
brighter without fading like traditional and
home-based soaps do. The next element in our
system is our finishing system. We use the finest
equipment available to give your shirt that custom
look you expect. From your shirt tail to your cuffs and
collars, everything is perfectly pressed. The end result
is a shirt that is pressed to perfection with all buttons
intact, whites will be white, colors will be bright, and
all removable stains will be gone. We have such a
superior cleaning method that we guarantee no ring
around the collar. With continuous use of our service,
you will not see a yellow ring around your collar!

Also we are so sure of our quality control that we have
a shirt button guarantee. We guarantee that there will
be no broken or missing buttons, or we will clean
three additional shirts FREE!
Table Linens

Whether you have a dinner party or a family dinner,
you will love the look and feel of your table when
your linens are professionally cleaned and pressed
by Town Cleaners. At Town Cleaners we are so
proud of our stain removal process that we
guarantee to remove 100% of fresh stains and 90%
of old stains!
"Eco Friendly"

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